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How H1B Visa Consultants Guides in Processing the Visas 0

What is H-1B Visa? The H1B visa is the permission allotted for the foreign skilled workers to allow them to work in the U.S and also allows the sponsors of that country to enlist the overseas professionals in various occupations with the country only for a certain period of time. Under his program, the overseas applicant […]

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Know the H-1B Visa 2015 Updates, Process and Predictions 0

The H-1B visa for USA is a non-immigrant visa, where the overseas workers are allowed to work in the country and the applicants under this visa are selected by the US employers to employ them under featured occupations that may require technical and theoretical skills in discrete fields like science, mathematics, architecture and medicine. A […]

More Than 35,472 Indians were Granted US Green Card Under H-1B Visa 0

India has a reason to cheer. According to the latest USA Immigration News, in the year 2012, as many as 35,472 Indians with US H-1B visas acquired USA Green Card, up from 6,000 in the year 2011. That number comprised more than half the number of permits provided to US H-1B owners for all the countries […]

US Green Card under H-1B Visa