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Tourist around the world, are always are in search of top tourist destination and Hong Kong is one of the major tourist destinations. The reason is, it offers endless opportunities to both its citizens as well as immigrants across globe.  All people who visit Hong Kong receive a red carpet welcome except few. The Special […]

Hong Kong Immigration Guidelines

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How to get a Hong Kong Student Visa: Steps Involved 0

Hong Kong is not just a great tourist destination but also a place to enhance your educational qualifications. A degree from Hong Kong’s well-known universities will further increase your career prospects in future. Apply for a Hong Kong student visa and see your dreams of studying abroad getting fulfilled. Hong Kong offers you quality education […]

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Hong Kong Student Visa 0

  Hong Kong is an advanced region and province which has its own administration, HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region). It has an advanced economy, educational system, etc. The rules, regulations etc. governing entry as a student  for Hong Kong Student Visa into HKSAR are classified and determined depending upon the level, type, etc. of education […]

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For immigration into Hong Kong there are four main visa options, some of which are very straight forward in comparison to other countries requirements, i.e the tourist visa which can be done when you land in Hong Kong, then there’s the other end of the spectrum where there’s the Investment visa which is the most […]

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