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For immigration into Hong Kong there are four main visa options, some of which are very straight forward in comparison to other countries requirements, i.e the tourist visa which can be done when you land in Hong Kong, then there’s the other end of the spectrum where there’s the Investment visa which is the most […]

Spain Visas and New Residency Laws 0

A change in Spain’s residency laws is anticipated to come into action this month, which will enable high net worth individuals from outside the EU to invest in some of Spain’s most prestigious luxury properties, as well as enjoying a visa for permanent residency in the country. The Golden Visa: Through efforts to revitalise and […]



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Have you ever considered expanding your career, CV, skills or work experience? Immigration consultants in Bangalore cater for the enthusiastic client who is looking to work in the Bangalore region of India. Bangalore Visa Consultants have access to the top companies in the region, and this part of India is attracting a lot of business […]

Singapore: Ensuring Non-Discriminatory Hiring Policy 0

In an attempt to eliminate discrimination against locally available professionals and skilled workers, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) this week announced a Fair Consideration Framework (FCF). In essence the new policy provides that companies that wish to do business in the country must provide a fair chance to Singaporeans before employing foreigners in skilled positions. […]

Singapore: Ensuring Non-Discriminatory Hiring Policy

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Visa consultants in Chennai have been delivering their services to top quality companies for many years. They offer a personalised and individual consulting. They have developed their expertise to offer a personalised, individual service. This allows them to maximise your potential of finding the right employer. Chennai Immigration Consultants can guide you towards a successful […]

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Visit or Transit Visa Hong Kong is Asia’s world city and has plenty to offer visitors, whether it’s a business visit or for pleasure. Take a look at the Hong Kong’s Tourist Board Website and discover Hong Kong. Here you will discover the cosmopolitan lifestyle, cultural diversity and sophistication. There is also natural un-spoilt parklands […]



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As individuals who each care about the countries we live in, it’s only natural that we ‘do our bit’ to take care of the environment. Whether this is recycling our week’s worth of plastic bottles and soft drink cans, walking to work instead of taking the car or donating clothing to charity instead of throwing […]