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Snow Holidays – When and Where to Go, What to Do 0

For a truly unusual holiday, instead of heading for a sunny beach, travel to a snowy mountain. The beautiful peaks in Switzerland, the USA and New Zealand are at their best in winter. As an added advantage, local schools are typically in session so prices are lower. As an expert visa consultancy, MoreVisas are accustomed […]

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Asia Set to Take Over as Top Spot for Wealthy Immigrants 0

A new report has revealed that wealthy individuals looking to move overseas will soon be flocking to a different destination than in years gone by. Despite the US being one of the top locations for affluent immigrants, the tide is slowly turning and Asia is set to take its spot as the most desirable place […]

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Applying for the student visa in the US 0

Indian students often aspire to venture into the USA to continue their higher education. Be it in the under graduate level, post graduate or for PhDs, Indian students are keen on entering US universities. However one small element they tend to overlook during their thorough preparation: their need to apply for a student visa. Although […]

Thinking of applying for a visa to visit the US? 0

For Indians planning to visit the United States, getting the right visa for travel is an absolute necessity – without it, you will not be able to travel. While having a visa is in itself no guarantee that an Indian citizen will be allowed entry into the US, it demonstrates that you have been deemed […]

Thinking of applying for a visa to visit the US?

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Now Studying Abroad is No More a Dream 1

America is a land of opportunity for immigrants. Indians look for various investment opportunities in America. They can even secure permanent residency if they invest in American companies. Immigrants have shown a positive impact on the country's economy. A strengthening dollar seems to be a rare thing in the current scenario. The dollar has risen […]

Senate approves immigration overhaul, focus shifts to House 0

The Senate on Thursday approved a sweeping immigration overhaul that would extend legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants while increasing border security, sending the bill to the House side where it faces a chilly reception. The vote caps weeks of bipartisan negotiations and hands President Obama, who has made immigration legislation the cornerstone of […]

Investment in US to create jobs 0

Chinese companies are expected to employ between 200,000 and 400,000 Americans by 2020, as cumulative Chinese investment in the US tripled in the past five years, a new study has shown. New York-based Rhodium Group Llc found that total foreign direct investment from Beijing rocketed from $280 million in 2004 to over $22 billion in […]

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Changes in Immigration bill Expected to draw Strong Support in Senate 0

The Senate made significant changes to the immigration bill under its consideration Friday that will expand the legislation to more than 1,100 pages and add roughly $50 billion in costs. Supporters think that, with those changes, the measure will attract broad bipartisan support — maybe more than 70 yes votes — when the bill comes […]