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Strong Economy of New Zealand finds attractive for Immigrants 1

People who have been immigrating to New Zealand for settling in the country has increased at a remarkable level. When compared to the previous four years, it has increased to the highest levels. According to the official stats, New Zealand country gained 2,300 immigrants in the month of June. This was mainly due to more […]

Working Holiday Visas to New Zealand at five-year high 0

13% rise in WHV applications from the UK year-on-year.If you’re thinking of living and working in New Zealand on your gap year then there’s never been a better time to do it.Recently stats by Immigration New Zealand show a rise in the number of young people from the UK who have successfully applied for a […]

Immigration population in Auckland and New Zealand 1

Two thirds of New Zealand’s immigrant population have made their home in Auckland. This is mainly due to the fact that first time immigrants want to be close to their friends and relations in the new country. Many of the immigrants buy a home in Auckland after staying in New Zealand for some months. This […]