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Skilled Nominated Provisional Visa for Australia 2

The Skilled Nominated Provisional Visa of subclass 489 allows the international skilled workers to live and work in the Australia permanently. This is a point-based visa which is valid for four years and generally allows the skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory. Additionally this visa leads to the permanent residence and […]

Skilled Nominated Provisional Visa

Australia Immigration

Thinking of applying for a visa to visit the US? 0

For Indians planning to visit the United States, getting the right visa for travel is an absolute necessity – without it, you will not be able to travel. While having a visa is in itself no guarantee that an Indian citizen will be allowed entry into the US, it demonstrates that you have been deemed […]

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Canada Visa Relocation

Canadian Skilled Worker Visas 1

For a number of years Canada has been a very popular destination for Indian migrants, particularly those who are classed as skilled workers. Many have migrated to thriving cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary where their professional or entrepreneurial skills are welcomed and continue to be in great demand. An example of a scheme to […]