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Migrating to Peace Building Nation of the World 0

The landlocked country of Europe which firmly believes in the peace building process is the best place to live and work. Switzerland is the home for numerous international organizations and this nation actively encourages individuals who wish to settle in Switzerland. Rapid industrialization and robust banking industry in Switzerland attracted migrant workers from all corners […]

Migrating to peace building nation of the world

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A guide to dating for immigrants 0

Navigating your way through the dating scene can be hard enough at times but when you are quite literally speaking a different language it can feel downright impossible. A survey carried out on the expat community in Europe shone the spotlight on what it’s like to date someone from a different culture and what to […]

Snow Holidays – When and Where to Go, What to Do 0

For a truly unusual holiday, instead of heading for a sunny beach, travel to a snowy mountain. The beautiful peaks in Switzerland, the USA and New Zealand are at their best in winter. As an added advantage, local schools are typically in session so prices are lower. As an expert visa consultancy, MoreVisas are accustomed […]

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Top Five Eco-Countries 1

As individuals who each care about the countries we live in, it’s only natural that we ‘do our bit’ to take care of the environment. Whether this is recycling our week’s worth of plastic bottles and soft drink cans, walking to work instead of taking the car or donating clothing to charity instead of throwing […]