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U.K Treasury Largely Endorses Banking Reform Recommendations 0

The U.K Treasury Monday largely endorsed a series of reforms aimed at improving cultural standards in British banking, which centered on boosting competition and jailing reckless bankers. In a policy paper the Treasury backed many of the recommendations made by a British parliamentary commission last month. In its 571 page report The Parliamentary Commission on Banking […]

U.K Banking Recommendations

A New Chapter of British Business Group in Bangalore 0

In Bangalore, British Business Group (BBG) has launched its chapter for the sake of providing members with a reliable platform for networking. This chapter was launched by Sir James Bevan, British High Commissioner to India. It is also part of the BBG National network present in India. At present, the chapters of BBG in India […]

UK spouse immigration rules ‘unjustified’, High Court says 0

UK family immigration rules are not unlawful but are “onerous… and unjustified”, the High Court has ruled. Three claimants had challenged the new measures which set earnings thresholds for people wanting to sponsor the visas of their non-European spouses. A judge said the court would not “strike down” the rules, but urged the home secretary […]

Unemployment in UK decreases by 57,000 to 2.51 million 0

The unemployment in UK had decreased by 20,000 in the past month. The claimants for Jobseeker’s Allowance in the last month decreased by 21,200 to below one and half million. This figure was a first fall below one and half million for almost three years. According to the statements of many ministers, the recovery of […]

English Second Tongue for One in Seven Pupils 0

In Bradford, 43 per cent of children at the city’s primary schools speak something other than English as their first language. In Kirklees the figure is 27 per cent and in Sheffield 20 per cent.Across Yorkshire, close to 16 per cent of primary school pupils, more than 290,000 children – do not speak English as […]

UK economy grows as customers spending increase by 1.1% – Item Club report 0

The economy of Britain will expand faster in this year as customers use their savings towards spending, as per the report of the Ernst & Young Item Club. The London based group said that contrary to the April forecast of 0.6 percent, the economy of UK will increase by 1.1 percent in this year. As […]

Increased Business Confidence Helps Britain to Overcome Global Bloom 0

Even though the prospects of Europe economy are sluggish, the business confidence of Britain rose to highest levels since January 2008. The increase in confidence was due to hopes of rising prospects in America and other countries along with new moods of optimism in the market of the UK. Companies are expected to increase spending […]

IMF Raises U.K. Growth Forecast 0

The International Monetary Fund raised its growth forecast for the U.K. economy this year, despite lowering its expectations for Germany, France, Italy and the euro zone.The U.K. upgrade follows similar moves by economists at a number of banks in response to a series of data releases and surveys over recent months that have suggested the […]

Immigration to European countries makes natives happier and has a positive impact on their welfare 0

Does immigration have a positive or negative impact on native populations? Nicole B. Simpson and William Betz have analyzed data on immigrant flows to 26 European countries between 2002, and have found that immigrants have a positive impact on the happiness and well-being of natives, especially after the first year. While the overall positive impact […]

Britons have less chance of working than migrants 0

FOREIGN men are more likely to have a job in the UK than British workers, a shock report revealed yesterday. In a stark illustration of how immigration has changed Britain, male migrants have had higher levels of employment than “native-born men” in the last five years, says the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.The UK […]