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Foreign Professionals can Migrate to US with Various Options Available 0

Employers in the US often look towards foreign professionals for filling their highly qualified positions. Likewise, overseas employees often look at a job based position in the US for conducting either business affair or gaining access to migrate to US for a temporary period of time. The individuals would require to be accepted for the […]

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Senate approves immigration overhaul, focus shifts to House 0

The Senate on Thursday approved a sweeping immigration overhaul that would extend legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants while increasing border security, sending the bill to the House side where it faces a chilly reception. The vote caps weeks of bipartisan negotiations and hands President Obama, who has made immigration legislation the cornerstone of […]

Investment in US to create jobs 0

Chinese companies are expected to employ between 200,000 and 400,000 Americans by 2020, as cumulative Chinese investment in the US tripled in the past five years, a new study has shown. New York-based Rhodium Group Llc found that total foreign direct investment from Beijing rocketed from $280 million in 2004 to over $22 billion in […]

Changes in Immigration bill Expected to draw Strong Support in Senate 0

The Senate made significant changes to the immigration bill under its consideration Friday that will expand the legislation to more than 1,100 pages and add roughly $50 billion in costs. Supporters think that, with those changes, the measure will attract broad bipartisan support — maybe more than 70 yes votes — when the bill comes […]

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