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US Immigration Describes the Process of Immigrant Visa 0

Overseas citizens who seek to reside permanently in the US should first get an immigrant visa. This is the initial step for becoming a legal permanent resident. Migrating to the US is a key and difficult decision. There are many types of immigration visas that are made available by US immigration department, forms are required […]

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US Work Study Program

US Work Study Program for International Students 0

The US is the first choice for the students who want to pursue education. The US is also home for the best universities among the world that provides world class education. Each year, many foreign students migrate to the US for pursuing education in its world-class colleges, schools and universities. Most of the colleges and […]

Various Benefits to Study in the USA for International Students 0

The USA is the most popular destination for many international students globally. Pursuing Studies overseas is a great experience for a student; studying in abroad makes the students experience a new society of a novel land.  International students mainly prefer the United States for seeking their higher education due to their great colleges, universities, high […]

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Work study program USA

Work Study Program for Overseas Students of USA 0

It’s a great opportunity for the overseas students those who want to pursue their higher studies in the USA. The government of USA has introduced a new program which allows the overseas students to work legally through the work-study program. This program permits these students to work with the American companies while graduating with a […]

H1B Visa

How H1B Visa Consultants Guides in Processing the Visas 0

What is H-1B Visa? The H1B visa is the permission allotted for the foreign skilled workers to allow them to work in the U.S and also allows the sponsors of that country to enlist the overseas professionals in various occupations with the country only for a certain period of time. Under his program, the overseas applicant […]

Know the H-1B Visa 2015 Updates, Process and Predictions 0

The H-1B visa for USA is a non-immigrant visa, where the overseas workers are allowed to work in the country and the applicants under this visa are selected by the US employers to employ them under featured occupations that may require technical and theoretical skills in discrete fields like science, mathematics, architecture and medicine. A […]

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multiple entry visas to USA

Make your Travel Purposeful with Multiple Entry Visa to USA 0

Are you planning to visit U.S? It will be quite interesting and exciting while booking the flight tickets, but prior to that you must get to know about the different types of visas available for non-immigrants or temporary visitors. Usually, the U.S government provides two basic types of visas, immigrant and non- immigrant visas based […]