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Why Multiculturalism Works in Canada? 1

Multiculturalism is one of the most defining aspects of Canadian identity, and it is extremely rare to hear complaints or allegation from immigrants about discrimination in any of the Canadian cities. Now the question arises, what makes Canada different than other countries and how multiculturalism works in one place and fails in others? Canada has […]

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Sydney : Top 10 for Global Liveability 1

Australia is such an enormous place with all the major concentrations of people usually having great distances between them. One of the finest places to live though has to be the Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. It was originally a British colony with settlers taking up residence there in the late eighteenth century. […]

Copenhagen Top of the Class for Happiness 1

“Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen” is a line from a famous song and that description is so true! If you are looking for a place to live Denmark would be an excellent choice, the country recently coming top in the UN’s grandly titled “Survey of Global Happiness” beating many other European destinations. It is a very “green” […]

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