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The Obama administration is making it easier for entrepreneurs worldwide to launch start ups in the U.S. 0

This program grants temporary visas to startup founders from other countries if their companies meet certain requirements, like financing from U.S. investors. Initial investment to be from 250,000 to 345,000 million and they have to earn between 200 to 400 times above the poverty line. To be eligible for “Start up visas,” the entrepreneurs must […]

The Obama administration to launch start ups in the U.S.


Australian work visa – Working and migrating to Australia 0

To say or state that Australia is a beautiful country and is one of the ultimate destinations is to state the obvious. So, visiting and migrating to Australia the island-country-continent is likely every person’s dream. Whether it is the natural beauty there, the landscapes there, or the sophistication and quality of life that the country’s […]

Australia’s Skilled Independent Worker Visa Program (‘Subclass 189’) 1

About Skilled Independent Visa: Australia has a ‘Skilled Independent Visa’ program that lets skilled workers who are not sponsored by a family member or by an employer or nominated by a state or territory government to live and work in the country as a permanent resident. This visa type is formally called the ‘subclass 189’ […]

Australia Immigartion


Visiting and Experiencing Alluring Australia 0

Australia, the land of the kangaroos is an advanced country. It is an island country and a continent and size-wise one of the largest countries (it stands sixth, size-wise) in the world. Actually, the country consists of not just the mainland of the Australian continent, but also the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands […]

Get an easier way of getting the Danish Schengen Visa with the Red Carpet Program 0

Life will surely get easier for all those people who have to visit Denmark frequently for the purpose of business or any kind of work. This is because the Red Carpet Program of Denmark has made this decision and they seem to have worked quite hard on it as it shall be fulfilling your purpose […]

Danish Schengen Visa

Typhoon Haiyan Affected people

Fast Track Visa Applications for Typhoon Haiyan Affected People 0

More than hundreds of fast track visa applications are expected from the people who are affected by the recent disaster of Philippine, Typhoon Haiyan. Last week, the government of Canada announced that the visa officers are working for the Filipinos to process their visa application as well as the working for the Canadians who a […]

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