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This Year will see Many Changes in the Canada Immigration 0

Canada has always been in search of immigrants who could reside and work in the country. Every year large number of people visits Canada either to live, study or work. Canada has been known for its amazing geographical features, magnificent landscapes. The government has declared that they would be making many changes in Canada immigration […]

Canada Immigration

Canada Visit Tourist Visa

Canada offers Various Visas Options for Foreign Tourists 0

Every year Canada welcomes around thousands of people to its country, as Canada remains among popular tourist destinations for the people all around the world. Tourists can take a look and enjoy the splendid natural attractions, stunning countryside, beautiful provinces covered with snow, scenery, historical monuments, cosmopolitan cities and much more. The simplest way to […]

Gain a Deep Insight on Canada Single-Entry and Multiple-Entry Visitor Visas 0

From years immemorial, Canada tops the list as a best tourist destination that is surrounded by resplendent natural attractions, landscapes, beautiful countryside, snow covered provinces, historical monuments, cosmopolitan cities and many others. Every year, thousands of individuals from across the globe visit Canada to enjoy its staggering natural attractions and umpteen number of career and […]

Canada Single-Entry and Multiple-Entry Visa

Places to Visit Canada

Most Five Exotic Places to Visit Canada 0

Canada is a blend of people of different cultures and ethnicity. Canada is a sparsely populated country which is in contrast to its large land mass available. Canada has been a much-sought after country for visitors since it has some of the most popular tourist destinations. Enlisted here is a jist of the popular haunts […]

Visiting Canada Temporarily – Apply For Temporary Resident Visa 2

Planning a holiday to Canada? Do you want to find out the details of the visa that allows you to visit Canada temporarily? Well, here you can find the details of Temporary Resident Visa, which is for people who are neither permanent residents nor citizens and who wish to visit Canada temporarily. Visiting Canada: Temporary […]

Canada Temporary Resident Visa

Migrate to Canada

Know How to Immigrate to Canada Under Self-Employed Category ? 0

The Self-Employed immigrant is a person who has plans to establish a business in Canada that will make a significant contribution for the growth of economy. The business should employ only Self-Employed applicant in its operations. Farmers, sports, personalities and the people who operate minor business in determined communities will fall under Canada Self-Employed immigrants.  What Self-Employed […]

Enjoy Your Vacation by Visiting Canada on Canada Tourist Visa 0

Are you got stress with your hectic schedule of work? Have you decided to take a break by touring abroad? Then, the best option would be to visit Canada. Canada is not only a leading immigration destination but also an attractive tourist destination. With an attractive natural wonders such as the Niagara Falls, Canadian Rocky […]

Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Visit Visa

Requirements of Canada Visit Visa for Visiting Canada 1

Canada is the second largest nation across the globe and the country has amazing geographical variety that tempts number of travelers to visit Canada. Previously, more than 16 million visitors entered Canada on Canada Visit Visa. Excluding Canadians and Canada Permanent Residents all other nationals needs consent and to visit Canada on Canada visa. Individuals […]

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements 0

Canada is one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists .The nation is known for its immeasurable beauty with National parks and geographical diversity. Million people across the globe visit Canada to experience the beauty of the nation. Canada tourist visa requirements Individuals who intend visit Canada for tourism must fulfill the following criteria for Canada […]


Canada Spouse Visa

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements and Processing Time 3

Canada Spouse visa is approved to the spouse, de facto partner or civil partner and dependent children of a person residing in Canada. It allows the spouse to visit Canada in order to stay along with partner. Residents of Canada or citizens of Canada can sponsor their spouse or partner or de facto partner and dependent […]