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Australian Work Permit Visas and list’s 0

Australia is a great country to visit, holiday in, reside and live. It is an advanced country with a highly developed market economy, and has also been blessed with great natural beauty. Australia also has some of the most urbane cities in the world, such as Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, etc. Australia receives a good […]

Australian Permanent work permit

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Knowing some major points about “Work Permit” and “Green card” 0

When’ we plan to join some overseas job then we will get to learn that there are 2 typical words, the first one is “Work Permit” and the second one is “green card”. It is important for you learn about these two phrases in case you are willing to be the part of international employment […]

Singapore – student and work visas 0

Singapore has a great mix of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian population, each one adding to the great hybrid which is special to Singapore. This is combined with the British culture which still remains there today. This all adds to the exciting and wonderful day-to-day life in Singapore. If you are opting to work in Singapore […]


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Migration to Ireland: A Detailed Explanation 0

Immigration in Ireland has increased in popularity tenfold in the last decade, with people migrating there for work in the busy tourist spots such as Dublin or Belfast or to set up their own businesses and live a better life in the quieter more picturesque towns such as Cork and Kerry, research shows that many […]

Working Holiday Visas to New Zealand at five-year high 0

13% rise in WHV applications from the UK year-on-year.If you’re thinking of living and working in New Zealand on your gap year then there’s never been a better time to do it.Recently stats by Immigration New Zealand show a rise in the number of young people from the UK who have successfully applied for a […]