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The Obama administration to launch start ups in the U.S.

The Obama administration is making it easier for entrepreneurs worldwide to launch start ups in the U.S. 0

This program grants temporary visas to startup founders from other countries if their companies meet certain requirements, like financing from U.S. investors. Initial investment to be from 250,000 to 345,000 million and they have to earn between 200 to 400 times above the poverty line. To be eligible for “Start up visas,” the entrepreneurs must […]

Australia 457 Visa for Overseas Workers 0

Australia 457 visa permits the overseas citizens to work temporarily in Australia for up to a period of 4 years. It is the most frequently applied visa by the skilled workers to gain the sponsorship and job in this country. This Australia 457 visas are also known as the provisional business extended Stay visa as […]

Australia 457 visas

New Zealand Work Permit

Work and Live in New Zealand Through New Zealand Work Permit Visa 0

New Zealand work permit visa introduced by the government of this country is very much successful in bringing the overseas skilled immigrants into the country for providing various employment opportunities in distinct occupations and for filling labor scarcity. People who are in a dewier of migrating to this country are always welcomed by sending them […]

Hunting for Jobs in Germany? A run-down that Accomplishes Your Quest 0

Have you determined to hit a job in Germany? Here is a digest that assists you in finding jobs in Germany. And also guides you the necessary information about the current job market, German work permits and the job requirements.  Looking for a job in this country is quite difficult for the expat though may be […]

job in germany

Working Visa of Australia

Working Visas For Australia — Some Top Categories 1

Australia, a vast continent with a diverse range of lifestyle choices, rural landscapes, striking deserts and picturesque beaches has much to offer from an applicant looking forward to gain an experience of a lifetime and a bit of adventure. Besides its eye-catching hot spots, cosmopolitan cities, healthcare and excellent infrastructure, this kangaroo land is also […]

A Complete Guide to Australia Temporary Work Visa 0

Australia Temporary Work (Skilled) visa is for skilled professionals who wish to enter the country and work for an authorized business for a maximum period of four years. In order to apply for this visa, candidates are required to be sponsored by an authorized business. Generally, businesses can sponsor a visa to an individual if […]

Australia sponsored visa

H1B Visa Process

Simple Steps To Clear the H1B Visa Interview 1

Is your application for H1B Visa Process got accepted? If yes, then the first query that buzzes in your mind is how to clear the H1B visa interview. Well, don’t panic! You are at the right place to get answers to all your queries. The United States has always been a dream destination for numerous […]

Different types of USA Work Visa 0

USA Work Visa Every year, the United States welcomes incredible number of overseas individuals to work in multiple occupations or employment categories. Some of these categories include researchers, IT professionals, investors, athletes, artists, scientists, agricultural workers, cultural exchange participants, religious workers and nurses, etc. If you would like to USA Work Visa on a temporary basis, […]


Germany work visa

How to get Germany work visa? 0

Seeking Germany work visa? This article gives you the outline of Germany work visa requirements. Germany is making huge attempts to attract overseas skilled employees to work in Germany. It is still facing the scarcity of highly skilled workers in the field of Information Technology (IT). Hence, most of the overseas skilled workers prefer to […]