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India Relaxes Visa Rules to Speedy Procedures in Oman

India-relaxes-visa-rulesIn order to encourage and boost the arrival of foreign nationals, to witness the specialty of India the Indian Government has adopted several modifications in the visa rules. This is being done with a focus on facilitating tourism, business visits and visit for other purposes. It has gone for liberalization, simplification, and rationalization of the entire visa process.

In order to provide quick relief, a new window was opened to process medical visas. Speaking at the recently held ‘Know-India Seminar’ held by the Embassy of Indian & India Tourism, Dubai, the First Consular Secretary, Puneet Sharma, in a detailed presentation, highlighted that 49,000 visas were issued to Omanis, among which 31,900 were tourist visas in the period Jan -July 2017, by the embassy.

This excluded several Omanis, who opted for obtaining e-visa to travel to India through the online process. This seminar was well attended and 120 Oman Government officials, Airlines Representatives, several Tour Operators, besides other stakeholders located in Oman, were given the details of the changes done.

The aim was to facilitate more visits by travelers from Oman to India. Sri Sharma brought out the details of the regulations in the visa which were introduced by the Indian Government. He familiarised those attending the seminar about the simplification of the procedure of obtaining the Indian visa. India has great cultural diversity where several languages are spoken and beliefs and customs are adopted. There is a wide range of handicrafts and cuisines here he added.

The Assistant Director of India Tourism in Dubai, Sri IRV Rao, made a presentation and highlighted that India was attractive and it is gradually becoming a favored destination for tourism among the foreign tourists. He expressed happiness that there was a contact among the people between Oman and India recently there was an increase in the number of Omanis tourists visiting India. Omanis were visiting India for wellness and medical tourism in recent years. It was preferred owing to the presence of modern and brilliant hospitals.

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