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Immigrating to the UK for education
Posted on: 14 Sep 2013  |   Tags: student visa , uk education ,

The education system in the UK is funded by the UK Government. Each education institution is audited annually to ensure standards meet the expected levels and that they adhere to all the immigration rules for foreign students. There are strict guidelines with regards to immigrant students and codes of practice must be read and complied with. Immigrating to the UK for education Classes in most UK universities are fairly interactive, with projects, study groups and shared classes broadening the social spectrum as well as providing fantastic level of education.  There are hundreds of different courses to choose from and Universities welcome students from many different countries.  The multicultural society in the UK has over 3000 universities to choose from and you could find one in a part of the country that bests suits you. Many of the universities have online web sites, on which you can base your decision as they provide a wealth of information and student reviews of the courses. In order to apply for a Student visa in the UK, then you may be asked to take a test to determine the level of English language that your currently have. These tests are likely to be IELTS or TOEFL, and if you wish, you can find the general information on what the test consists of by searching these terms on any web search engine. The IELTS briefly is arranged by the British council and the results can take 2-3 weeks to become available. A good score, at least 6.0 is required before a University will accept your application as to study at degree level in any of the English universities it is important to understand your tutors and most of the work books and academic support texts are written in English. The cost of the courses can vary, but an approximation would be approx. 7-8000 GBP for the Arts and Sciences programs, whereas medical degrees can costs approx. 18000gbp The Universities set their own fees and they can vary for different Universities so be sure to shop around. Living costs can vary, and are more expensive generally in the capital cities. It costs approximately £1000 a month in total. However when it comes to healthcare, there is a bonus.  International students who are going to stay in the UK for more than 6 months can be offered free healthcare in the UK under the NHS. If you’re interested in applying for a student visa, then morevisas can help you by discussing further with you.

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