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UK tier 2 Visa Changes
Posted on: 30 May 2017  |   Tags: ,

UK-tier-2-Visa-changesThe work permit issued under UK Tier 2 Visas is about to witness several changes which have been issued under the Immigration Act 2016. These changes would significantly cost the employers to place their employees in the UK Tier 2 visas or any Tier2 certificates of sponsorships. The new changes were put forward to take place from April 6, 2017, with advanced immigration skill charges being put to incentivise employers so as to train British staff.

An amount of 1,000 pounds would be charged as fees small & large firms. However small scale firms /employers who employ non-skilled workers most of the time, the charge is reduced to 364 pounds for valid visa grants. Those who apply to extend their stay will also be charged high on the basis of new charges. Along with the new charges levied on the firms, they also have to pay more to the employees which are in the range of 25000-30000 pounds per year. These changes were incorporated into the Home Office Communications team of UK.

The other limitation posed under the UK Tier 2 Visas are:

  • The applicant needs to produce a criminal record certificate if in case the applicant for sectors like health, intra-company non-profit organization or education.
  • The would be additional Immigration health surcharge for Intra Co. transfer Visa, which are applicants who have worked, studied or join a family for more than 6 months will have to pay a surcharge of 200 pounds/person every year.
  • There has been a shortage occupation list created for secondary school teachers in subjects like computer science & Mandarin while teachers of chemistry have been removed from the list.
  • Short term staff except the graduate trainees must be Adami Intra-company transfer at salary around 41,500 pounds one year’s experience will no longer be relevant for employees earning more than 73,900 pounds
  • A resident labor market test has been waived off for high net worth individuals which are exempt from UK Tier2 for inward flow of investment.
  • There would be yearly updates on the salary structure in the code of practice under UK tier2 Visa
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