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UK's Five Tier Point Based Visa System


The United Kingdom is one of the unique countries which is made up of four nations like Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Because of its varied features, it is a popular destination for job seekers, who are from other countries and aspiring to work in UK. As the country is unique in itself and so is its immigration process which is at the same time restrictive. From the year 2008-2010, United Kingdom's five-tier point based visas have stepped in which helps to measure the various criteria structured to evaluate the eligibility of the applicants for employment or study visa. Study visas and most of the job visa applications are now being availed through this system.
Since 2010, there are series of variations in UK immigration laws that have been carried out by the government of UK in order to limit the immigrations to the UK.

UK Visa Five-Tier systems are categorized as below:

Tier 1: This Visa is applicable for “High-Value Immigrants” who are from outside the EEA like investors, entrepreneurs and for those people who are eligible for “Exceptional Talent Visa”.
Tier 2: This visa category is offered to skilled workers from outside the EEA of international companies who have been migrated to UK with an employment offer in the UK, provided if there is any shortage of such skilled employees in UK. This visa is also offered to sports person and ministers of religion.
Tier 3: If there are labor shortages on a temporary basis in the UK, then this visa is applicable. But till date the UK government has not issued this kind of visa for any of the low skilled workers who are opting for UK immigration.
Tier 4: This visa is issued for students who are from outside the EEA and above the age of 16 years who are willing to have their education in UK, with a seat already acquired in any of the UK educational establishments before they file an application for the visa.
Tier 5: This visa type consists of six sub-tiers of a temporary worker, which also includes religious worker, charity, sporting and the youth mobility scheme. The scheme of youth mobility allows approximately 55,000 people to work every year in UK during working holidays.

Other UK immigration Visas are categorized below:

The Five tier visa system covers most of the categories excluding family Visas, visitor Visas and some of the United Kingdom's business Visas. These remaining categories fall in below Visa application:
UK visitor Visa: In this section, you are required to enter the country of UK as a visitor, whether it be for pleasure or business.
UK Family Visa: If you want to join one of your family members already living there or you want to bring your family to the UK, then this visa option fits your requirement.
UK Business Visas: The Visa type covers a minimum number of long term business Visas and it falls outside the five tier system.
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