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Visiting UK on its UK Visitor Visas
Posted on: 09 May 2016  |   Tags: visit the UK , visiting UK , Visitor Visa ,

UK Visitor VisaForeigners who seek to visit the UK require a UK Visitor Visa to visit the UK. Whether an individual requires a UK Visitor Visa relies on their nationality, the objective of their visit and duration of their stay. The UK Visitor Visas are also known as tourist or short stay visas that are categorized in specific number of visas that let individuals to get married, visit UK for short term study, sightseeing and holiday in the UK etc.

There are two types of UK Visitor Visas like Marriage Visitor Visa and Standard Visitor Visa. There are other short stay visas like short term study visa, parent of tier 4 child visa, permitted paid engagement visa.

One of the most common visitor visa is Standard Visitor Visa. This visa does not requires its applicant to have family and friends to visit the nation. This UK Visitor Visa is for tourism purpose that permits the applicant to visit the UK for business, leisure, visit family and friends, to get private medical treatment.

This UK Standard Visitor Visa has replaced the other visas like Family visitor, general visitor, child visitor, business visitor, sports visitor, entertainer visitor, prospective entrepreneur, private medical treatment visitor and approved destination status visa.

You can apply for this UK Visitor Visa if you seek to visit the UK for business related engagements like conference, meeting etc, sports related engagements, want to perform in the UK as an artist, musician o entertainer, doing research, as a doctor etc.

In order to get entitled for this visa, you should visit the UK for duration of six months at one time, demonstrate that you got enough funds and intention of returning back to your native country.

On this visa you cannot take up paid or unpaid jobs, you cannot reside for longer period of time, you cannot get public funds, you cannot marry.

You can stay for longer period of time upto 11 months if you are visiting UK for any medical treatment.

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