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UK Dependent VisaAre you a spouse or relative or child of a permanent resident or citizen of the UK? If yes, you can visit UK through UK Dependent Visa. Spouses or family members or dependent children of the people who are already established in the UK or entering the country through any other visa categories can immigrate to UK by applying UK Dependent Visa. It is one of the best routes for dependents of UK permanent resident or citizens to visit the country.          

Who are eligible for UK Dependent Visa?:

Partners, Fiancé(e), Unmarried partners, Sibling, Same-sex civil partners or proposed same-sex civil partners, widowed parent or parents of whom at least one of them are over 65 years, Grandparents equal to or over 65 years of age, parent or grandparent who is financially dependent on the person who has settled in the UK, son or daughter or sister or brother or aunt or uncle over 18 years living alone and financially dependent on the relatives who have settled in UK, etc. are eligible for applying UK Dependent Visa.

UK Dependent Visa requirements:

The general requirements of the UK Dependent Visa are as follows:
  • Evidence stating that the person who is visiting UK must financially depend on the relative who is a permanent resident or citizen of the UK.
  • The relative in the UK must be able to support themselves and their dependents without seeking any public funds. 
  • Dependent should not have any other relative in the country to seek financial assistance during their stay in the country. 

UK Dependent Visa benefits:

UK Dependent Visa holders can stay in the country for the same period as of the main applicant. You can take up any employment and enjoy the right to live and work in the country without any restriction. After staying continuously for a five-year period, UK Dependent Visa holders can apply for British Nationality. For more information please fill our Enquiry form, and also follow MoreVisas @ Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.

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