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Bring your Spouse to UK on Spouse Visa

UK Spouse VisaAre you a spouse of an individual who is residing in UK? Want to accompany your partner? Thinking of which visa is the right option for you? Well, UK spouse visa is the answer for all your queries. 

Spouses who wish to accompany their partners residing in UK can do so by acquiring UK spouse visa. UK is the most sought after destination for people wishing to migrate abroad. Anyone who wishes to join their partner and reside in a country, with rich culture and heritage can apply for UK Spouse visa. Starting from the luminous lochs of Scotland to the historic gardens, UK has it all that attracts overseas nationals. The country is mixed of various cultures and traditions, which helps to attract and retain overseas nationals. 

What is UK Spouse Visa?

UK Spouse Visa is issued for a period of two years and after the completion of this period, the UK spouse visa applicant may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK and after completion of two years i.e. at the time of third year applicants can undergo the process of a British citizen. UK Spouse Visa allows applicants to start residing and working in the country upon arrival. Applicants can also seek and take part in employment without any restrictions. Moreover, applicants are not required to file an application for a work permit.      

Who can apply for a UK Spouse Visa?

In order to apply for a Spouse Visa, applicants must meet certain general requirements such as:

  • You and your spouse must be minimum 18 years
  • You must have legally married to each other 
  • Must have an intention to reside together permanently 
  • Hold enough funds to support your stay 

Criteria to be met for UK dependent visa:

If you are a dependent certainly children under 18 years of age of a married couple, then you should apply at the same time as of main applicant. UK citizenship will be issued after three years in the nation given that residency requirements are satisfied. 

So, if you are one among them and would like to accompany your partner in the country, then you should apply for UK Spouse Visa.

If you desire to apply for UK Spouse Visa, fill out our Morevisas Enquiry Form.

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