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Can you bring your family if you are applying for a student visa from outside the UK

No more studying in UK sans family- Take a look! Are you an outsider, thinking of pursuing your studies in UK? Then there are certain things that one should keep in mind pre-enrolment. Hailing from a country outside UK, one is entitled to abide by certain rules and regulations if one intends to bring family along. In that case you and your family, the latter addressed as “dependents” in the application forms, are to apply for Tier 4 general visa separately and pay fees individually as well. Based on their respective country, the dependants are to apply tagged as “dependant of a Points Based System Migrant”, VAF10. [caption id="attachment_1260" align="alignleft" width="300"]Study in UK Study in UK[/caption] They ought to apply either simultaneously with the student or in succession and make up their mind before hand whether they intend to leave UK after some time or live with you. In the mean time they can opt for jobs during the long tenure of their stay. You have to show sufficient maintenance funds every month, up to £600 per head. This has to be shown consecutively for 9 months at least as insufficient funding may lead to rejection of the applications. A criterion that is set to allow families to be brought along is such that, it is only the new students studying at postgraduate level and not below the assigned level, can be permitted to live with their family. Even those that are on a government funded scholarship for more than 6 months are allowed. But not those that intend to study for less than 12 months. And if one is already studying in UK for quite some time then the family can continue to live with you. Having a Tier 4 student visa qualifies primarily for opting this facility. In case of any hitches encountered in fulfilling the criteria, one’s family can accompany as visitors as well. Going through the guidelines formulated by the UK Council for International Education, UKCISA is a must as that enlightens you clearly about necessary details.

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