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There are many organizations available to help guide you through your immigration process into the UK. These organizations are not government funded, they do have a fee and they do not guarantee you entry but there are hundreds of thousands of applications that are refused every year due to incorrect submissions, so organizations specializing in UK immigrations can be beneficial to help you with your application, and help the process move more quickly and without delay. There are various ways to gain entry into the UK and a breakdown follows: [caption id="attachment_14" align="alignright" width="300"]UK Visas UK Visas[/caption] Family Visas British citizens and lawful permanent residents can sponsor their non-EEA family members for a settlement visa to live and work in the UK. Petitioning sponsors and yourself are required to complete numerous application forms and provide sufficient supporting documentation. Marriage/Spouse Visa This visa category is available to British Nationals who want to bring their spouses to live with them in UK. With successful spouse visa the applicant will have the ability to work or study in the UK as soon as the visa has been granted. Dependency Visa This visa category is available to visa holder who wish to bring their family members or relatives to stay with them for the duration of their visa entitlement. Ancestry Visa This is a temporary visa and available to foreign nationals who wish to visit the UK for tourism purposes for the period of up to 6 months only. Medical Practitioner’s Visa This visa category is available to doctors who want to practice in the UK. To be eligible for this visa the candidate must be registered with the UK medical governing body. Employment Visa Candidates from EEA countries are applicable for this visa as they are required to register themselves with Work Registration Scheme in order to come to UK for work. British Citizenship This it is equivalent to permanent residency. Foreign nationals who continue to reside in the UK for more than five years have the right to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain which permits them to live in the UK for an indefinite period of time. UK Residency When an individual has achieved the indefinite leave to remain, the applicant can apply for Naturalization. The immigration department will check the duration the candidate has stayed in the UK and whether the candidate has fulfilled all the requirements. Employer Sponsorship License UK companies that need to recruit candidates from abroad must obtain a license for the employer sponsorship program. The Employer sponsorship license is a document issued by the UK government which allows a UK company to recruit foreign nationals. Furthermore, under this license the employer takes the sponsorship responsibility of the employee during the time period the candidate stays in UK.

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