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Who are Eligible to Apply for the UK Dependent Visa ?

UK Dependent VisaEvery year a large number of individuals migrating to UK for varied purposes such as education, employment, sightseeing, business and others. The country offers various types of visas for education employment, tourism and others. The UK government has also introduced Dependent visa for UK, which is intended for dependents of the individuals who are residing in UK.

UK Dependent Visa:

UK Dependent Visa allows overseas individuals to enter the UK as spouse or partner, children or elderly dependent of the people who are already residing in the UK. Applicants who are applying for a dependant visa must follow certain rules and regulations of Dependent visa for UK process.

Who can bring Dependants to the UK?

The following are the family members who are eligible to apply for UK dependent visa UK visa holders can bring their spouse or partner, unmarried spouse, and children-- below 18 years of age, to the UK along with them. Eligible applicants can also bring their siblings, parents and grand parents to the UK in order to accompany them. However, there exist some rules for dependants in the UK that must be followed by a dependant while residing in the country.

UK Dependent Visa Requirements:

The following are the some of the UK Dependent Visa Requirements
  • Dependents must produce a proof demonstrating that they are financially dependent on the relative who is already residing in UK either as a citizen on a valid UK visa.
  • The main applicants who are already residing in UK must be financially capable to support and accommodate themselves and their family members in UK.
  • Dependent must not possess any other family members or relative residing in UK to whom she or he turn up for financial help. 

UK Dependent Visa Process:

Applicants who met the necessary requirements can apply for the UK dependent visa through online with all the necessary documents. The embassy assesses the visa application form thoroughly in prior to the UK Dependent Visa approval. To get this Visa, please fill out MoreVisas Enquiry Form, then later Our Visa experts will approach you. 

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