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Visiting UK - Get UK Visitor Visa for Successful Trip

UK Visitor VisaUK has been a thriving destination for the people willing to immigrate overseas and settle in the country. Individuals willing to visit UK have to apply for a UK visitor visa on which one can reside in the country for maximum of 6 months. Long term visit visas can also be issued that are valid for a period of one, two, five or 10 years. However, an individual is authorized to stay in the country for a maximum duration of six months on each visit.

UK Visitor Visa Requirements:

Individuals who want to apply UK visitor visa, have some requirments, which are mentioned as below.
  • Must be 18 years or above
  • Must be able to financially support oneself during the stay in the country
  • Must be financial self sufficient to meet the travel expenses towards the onward and the return journey
  • The purpose of the visit must be for leisure such as on  holiday or as a tourist 
  • One has to be outside the region of Switzerland or European Economic area 
  • Must be travelling to UK to meet the family members or friends who are not the permanent residents of UK
One may have the requirement to visit UK on regular basis. Those people have to apply for a long term UK visit visa for which one has to prove the following requirements:

Long Term UK Visitor Visa Requirements:

  • Must prove that there is a necessity to travel to UK on frequent basis 
  • Must show his or her intention to leave UK at the end of each visit
  • The cause for the need to come to the UK is unexpected to change remarkably while the visa is applicable.

UK Visitor Visa Processing Time:

The processing time of the UK visitor visa would be less than three weeks. People who are willing to visit UK, Just fill out MoreVisas Enquiry form and follow us at Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.

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