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UK Sole Representative VisaUK Sole Representative Visa is designed for companies that are willing to expand their business abroad and set up in the United Kingdom. Through UK Sole Representative Visa, foreign companies will be able to send one representative to the UK to set up a branch or subsidiary office, including registering the company in the UK, negotiating with suppliers and customers and carrying out a market research.

Requirements for Company to Qualify Under UK Sole Representative Visa:

  • The firm must be a genuine enterprise with more than one year of existence
  • The sending of a sole representative to the UK must advantage you but not the candidate and the budget allocated to the UK expansion should be realistic in terms of size, trading activities or profitability.
  • After you sent a sole representative to the UK, the majority of your business should persist to be overseas.

UK Sole Representative Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals who wish to apply for UK Sole Representative Visa must satisfy certain conditions which include:

  • He/she must be a senior employee hired outside the UK
  • You must be employed for a considerable period of time and familiar with all the business and procedures of the company. In case, you have been newly hired, you need to demonstrate a strong background that makes you particularly well suited for the role.
  • If you own are a manager or entrepreneur, you will be not eligible to apply for UK Sole Representative.

Documents Required for UK Sole Representative Visa:

  • Valid travel document
  • Employment contract
  • Company’s data including assets, turnover and full details of share distribution
  • Letter stating that your company will set up a subsidiary or register a branch in the United Kingdom

UK Sole Representative Visa Benefits:

Individuals holding UK Sole Representative Visa will be initially granted a visa for a period of two years with the possibility of extension for another three years. Successful applicants of UK Sole Representative Visas will be benefited from UK’s National Health Service.

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