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Steps For Applying To Get The UK Spouse Visa

Steps For Applying To Get The UK Spouse Visa

The UK spouse visa enables self or the partner to live for five years in the UK. While first applying for a UK spouse visa, it is given for two years and six months and it can then be extended further for a similar period. If there is a long term plan, getting an indefinite leave to stay in the UK is also possible. This can lead to eventually being a British citizen.

Applying for a UK Spouse Visa

There are basic eligibility requirements to check to see if you can meet them before beginning the process. This includes proving that you are in a real relationship and the UK based partner earns a suitable income annually. At present, the income threshold is £18,600 annually. In case you meet the requirements and are in married relationship to a British person, or a settled status or UK refugee, you can apply for the spouse visa.

In the application stage, provide evidence regarding having adequate UK accommodation and a level of proficiency in the English language. You need passing in a language ability test involving speaking and listening skills.

The Fee Structure

There is an Associated Fee for applying to get the spouse visa, paid to the UK government while applying. It is £1,523 for all applications made from outside of the UK. This fee has an increase if there are children or dependents; in an incremental way for each dependent.

Around 130,000 visas related to family were granted by UK in 2017. There is much online information available to guide in the process and the UK Governmental website is helpful. Using the advantage of an immigration company can make the process smooth while removing risks.

Check your documents and verify whether they are correct and complete besides providing adequate proof of relationship. The applicant must communicate with the UK Government in the application process to get the visa. In case of an unsuccessful application they support you, and also provide a chance of appeal.

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