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UK Cities Where One In Four are Immigrants

THE huge impact of mass immigration was revealed yesterday, with a quarter of people living in Britain’s biggest cities now migrants.Official census figures show the population has changed dramatically over the past 10 years.Experts found that in 2001 the number of citizens actually born in the UK was 75% in London, 92% in Greater Manchester, 88% in the West Midlands and 91% in West Yorkshire. But in 2011, around one in four residents from these conurbations were born overseas, with English no longer the main language in a tenth of homes.In London, a third of the population was born abroad. But in smaller cities like Bristol, Leicester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield and Southampton, the proportion was around 11%. Overall, 13% of the UK population was born overseas. Campaigners including pressure group MigrationWatch claim Labour flung open the UK’s borders.Meanwhile, a fresh row has blown up over plans to charge foreigners £200 for NHS treatment. Labour’s Public Health spokeswoman Diane Abbott said the move to tackle health tourism was “xenophobia”.But PM David Cameron told MPs: “This is a national health service, not an international health service.”And landlords who rent to illegal immigrants are set to face big fines.

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