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UK Immigration Tier-2 Visa-Ideal Option for Skilled Workers
Posted on: 28 Apr 2015  |   Tags: Immigration , Tier-2 Visa , uk , Visa ,

Apply for UK Tier-2 Visa

United Kingdom, commonly known as the UK is a promising land for skilled professionals and it offers enormous opportunities across all occupations. With a robust economy and booming industrial sector, it’s nowhere surprising that the UK has become the most sought-after destination for skilled professionals. Whether you wish to work abroad or set up a business abroad, the country offers many pathways for potential aspirants to enter the country. Amongst many UK immigration visa options, Tier-2 visa is the best pathway for interested candidates to enter the nation. 

UK Tier-2 Visa

Tier-2 Visa is designed for skilled workers who do not have a job offer from an employer but also hold a sponsorship license. In order to apply for UK immigration visa, applicants must be an outsider, not belonging to European Economic Area (EEA). The work in which you are employed in the country must be related to the work of your sponsor firm. 

What are the Requirements?

The following are the requirements of Tier-2 Visa:

  • Reference number of sponsorship certificate 
  • Satisfy English language criteria
  • Meet salary requirements 
  • Adequate funds 

Tier-2 Visa application form

Applicants can enter the country 14 days before the start of certificate of sponsorship. Candidates can also apply for visa extension for five years provided, they satisfy certain criteria. 

What are the Benefits? 

The following are the benefits of a Tier-2 Visa:

  • Can work for the sponsor in the job mentioned in the sponsorship certificate
  • Can do a second job for maximum 20 hours each week in a field that is facing shortage of workers
  • Participate in voluntary work 
  • Travel and re-enter the country
  • Family members can accompany you 

Interested candidates can file an application for Tier-2 Visa and can enjoy the benefits of the work culture.

If you are willing to apply this visa, fill out MoreVisas Enquiry Form.   

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