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UK Visitor Visa for Overseas Nationals
Posted on: 26 Dec 2015  |   Tags: Immigration , uk , Visa ,

UK Visitor VisaThe visitor visa is the most well-liked way for the persons arriving at the UK for visiting the attractions, business visits as well as visiting families.

The UK immigration system has implemented new rules to improve certain categories of the UK visitor visa.

The idea behind the improvement is to make sure that tourists are clear on the actions they are permitted to do whilst in the UK on a visitor visa and do not break conditions of their stay for the duration of their time in the UK.

Reasons why candidates wish to visit the UK :

There are abundant reasons why the overseas persons desire to come to the UK. Besides, to visit family or for tourism or for a business meeting, citizens desire to visit the country to get married or mainly plan to study, to commence a short course, be present at main occasions, etc.

General requirements for coming to the UK as a visitor:

Persons aiming to visit the country need to be able to show that they desire to visit the nation for not more than 6 months and that they will be leaving the country at the end of their visit. And also, persons need to demonstrate that they have adequate resources to preserve and house themselves without any support from public funds of UK.

There are some exceptions under this UK visitor visa for children at school, academic visitors they are allowed to stay in the country for a period of twelve months maximum.

Different Classes of the UK Visitor Visas:

It is significant that if you aim to visit the country then you need to apply for the right category of UK visitor visa prior to entering the nation as you are requested to fulfill the conditions on the visa. Any break of visa conditions during your stay in the country may consequence in unhelpful effects, and it is thus suggested that you make sure that your purposes for coming to the country are sufficiently replicated in the type of UK visitor visa you submit for.

There are diverse categories of UK Visitor Visas

• General Visitors:

  1. Business Visitors
  2. Tourism
  3. Visiting Family
  4. Visiting Friends

• Academic visitors

• Sports Visitors

• Entertainer Visitors

• Special Visitors

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