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Australian Permanent Resident and CitizenshipThe country of Australia is the sixth largest in the world and is the smallest continent too. It is an island nation which is surrounded with a vast coastline, pristine beaches, world famous reefs and unique flora and fauna. It is known for its stable economy and the wide variety of opportunities that it offers for people in terms of education, employment and business. There is a lot of scope to develop one’s personality and at the same time grow economically.

Australian Permanent Resident Visa

You are eligible to live as a Australian permanent resident if you have lived and worked in any of the regional areas for a period of two years or you have been sponsored under the Australian Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. You may then apply for Australian permanent resident visa which will only allow you permanent residency and not Australian citizenship.

Benefits of Being an Australian Permanent Resident

The major benefit on becoming an Australian resident is that you can continue to live in the country for as long as you like, with free movement to and from the country. The only restriction imposed is on the duration that you can be away.

There are several perks and privileges that you can enjoy as a Australian permanent resident, just like any other Australian citizen. Some of these are enlisted below:

  • Educational facilities and work opportunities- You may study in any institution of your choice and at the same fees as an Australian citizen. However, you cannot avail the interest free government student loan (HECS) unless you are pursuing a masters degree. As a student in Australia, you can indulge in 20 hours of work per week and full time work during holidays. As far as employment opportunities are concerned, you can freely choose to follow any occupation of your choice except the public service and the Australian armed forces.
  • First home owners grant- As a Australian permanent resident, you will be entitled to apply for this allowance which will fetch you 22,000 Australian dollars. You can then build your dream home in Australia.
  • Health and social security- After two years, you can apply for availing Medicare or the government sponsored public health care system along with few of the social security benefits.
  • Travel and sponsorship for family members- If you are either a permanent resident or a citizen of Australia, you can travel to and from New Zealand. Also, you can sponsor other family members while processing your application for Australian residency. Children born in Australia will automatically become citizens of this country, giving them access to a free education in any Australian Public School.

Applying for an Australian permanent visa will be beneficial not only to you but also your family.

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