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Be a tourist and traveler to beautiful and bountiful New Zealand

[caption id="attachment_2076" align="alignleft" width="300"]nz-dream nz-dream[/caption] New Zealand among the many countries which also have great natural beauty and nature’s attractions stands apart for its uniqueness based on the nature’s gifts bestowed upon it. Whether it is the scenery or greenery and the woods, the fascinating rivers, and the long coasts, New Zealand is different, special and even spectacularly. It is thus said that New Zealanders have a special liking, bonding and love for their native country with respect to these kinds of bounties offered to them by Nature. It is also truly said that the mild weather and climate are the other gifts that Nature has made special provision for as for as New Zealand is concerned. So, New Zealanders boast – and this is not an empty boast – that their country is not racked by the extremes of weather and climate which is prevalent in other countries. So, what exactly are the kinds of offerings does New Zealand have to showcase, display and let a tourist experience and enjoy? It has deeply mysterious lakes and rivers, volcanic plateaus which are worthy of being  filmed, large and extended plains, , natural forests, thermal wonders, icy and cold glaciers, miles and miles of farmland and long and gorgeous coastlines and beaches which can only be best seen and experienced and not just written about. New Zealand also has relatively speaking mild weather which prevails throughout the year. [caption id="attachment_2077" align="alignright" width="300"]new-zealand new-zealand[/caption] But, then, the question: how does one get to visit and experience beautiful and bountiful New Zealand? And/or, what are the rules put in place by New Zealand’s government to let a person visit the country? New Zealand’s department handling these matters (Immigration to New Zealand) has put down and framed some requirements as for as the rules, regulations, etc. concerning visiting New Zealand are concerned. Firstly, if you happen to be from a country (i.e. your home country) is on New Zealand’s ‘visa-waiver list of countries’, you would not need a ‘visitor visa’ to visit New Zealand. On the other hand, if your native country is not in this above mentioned list, the Immigration department of New Zealand has put forth some ‘requirements’ which a prospective visitor has to meet and satisfy to be eligible for being granted the ‘visitor visa’. Some of the most prominent of these rules are that you need to be in good health and good character, are coming to New Zealand as a genuine tourist (e.g. for holidaying and sightseeing, or on a family visit, or on medical grounds, and so forth, etc.). You would also need a valid passport with  a minimum stipulated expiry date on the passport, need to have proof of sufficient funds, proof that you intend to return to your home country after the expiry of your visitor visa’s stay period, etc.. It is also preferable that you have medical insurance coverage. There is also a list of don’ts (e.g. you should not take up any kind of work in that country during your stay) that you need to satisfy to be eligible for and be granted a visitor visa’ to New Zealand.

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