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Visiting and Experiencing Alluring Australia
Posted on: 22 Feb 2014  |   Tags: Australia , island country , visas , Visas Twitter ,

[caption id="attachment_2081" align="alignleft" width="300"]australian flag Australian Flag[/caption] Australia, the land of the kangaroos is an advanced country. It is an island country and a continent and size-wise one of the largest countries (it stands sixth, size-wise) in the world. Actually, the country consists of not just the mainland of the Australian continent, but also the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands strewn around it. Australia along with a few other countries (51 members in all) comprises the ‘commonwealth of nations’. Australia is a very beautiful and scenic country with world famous beaches, highly advanced and sophisticated cities, islands, natural and alluring reefs, rain forests. It is such a large continent nation with so much natural beauty and advanced and sophisticated man-made creations and wonders, that it would be hard to put a time frame and an itinerary to visit and experience it all with ease. Australia’s famous and awe-inspiring modern cities include Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, etc. These cities are spread out throughout Australia. All in all, Australia lures you with grand cities of grandeur, beautiful coasts, reefs, a diversity of landscapes spread across the island continent and country and much more. When in the city famed city of Adelaide, you can experience the rugged Flinders Ranges, Fleurieu Peninsula, Seal Rocks on Kangaroo Island, Alice Springs, and some more must-visit places. From near Adelaide, do not forget to go, visit and enjoy the festivals, markets, etc. nearby and taste the fine foods available there. And also, after enjoying the experiences of another grand city, Brisbane, a city on the East coast, venture to see and drive down the Pacific Coast, to embrace the natural allures and luxuries of Fraser city and the Gold Coast. Also, ‘not-to-be missed’ close by, are attractions such as the lush hinterland, Daintree rainforest, and the innumerable, unique and awe inspiring beaches. australiaMelbourne is also among the most popular cities in Australia. After you have enjoyed the urbane metropolitan, sophisticated attractions that it has to offer, you can go on a visit the Phillip Island, and visit vineyards in the Yarra Valley. Also not to miss exploring closer by are the Mornington Peninsula,  the Bay of Fires Walk,  Cradle Mountain Freycinet National Park, and Lake St. Clair National Park. As must be obvious from the above, Australia is a huge island country and continent with an endless list of places to see, visit, explore, experience and enjoy. And of course, you would need a ‘visitor visa’ to visit and explore the country of Australia. A visitor visa can be granted to you on any one of many grounds such as holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, or to visit relatives, friends, etc. And, a visitor visa to Australia can be and is granted through the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority system), i.e. ‘visa 601’; e-visitor system, i.e. ‘visa 651’ (applicable to nationals of European Union and a number of other European countries only); the online Tourist ‘e600 visa’ (not applicable to Indian nationals); ‘visa 444’ (also not applicable to Indian nationals, but only to New Zealand citizens) and ‘visa 461’ (also not applicable to Indian nationals, but only to New Zealand citizens). Thus, it is evident that visitor visas to Australia for nationals from India are granted very restrictively. Find us on twitter account and tweet us @ More Visas Twitter account.

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