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Travelling on US b1 Visa for Business Purpose
Posted on: 16 Feb 2016  |   Tags: USA Business visa , usa business visitors ,

US b1 visaBusiness tourists might visit the US using this US b1 visa, it is also known as Temporary Business Visitor Visa. The individuals who visit the US would be issued a six months of visa or the maximum period would be around one year. This is quite possible that this visa might be extended further for a period of six months. This visa is for those overseas nationals who seek to attend the business conventions, conferences, meeting with business associates, discussing about the contracts etc.

Do’s and Don’ts for a visitor on this B-1 visa

Do’s The individuals holding this US b1 visa can:
  • Conduct the negotiations
  • Solicit their investment or sales
  • Discuss their purchases and planned investments
  • Conduct interview and recruit staff
  • Attending meetings
  • Conduct research
  • Make purchases and investments
Don’ts The following activities are prohibited by the business visitors:
  • The individual is prohibited from running any business
  • The individual cannot gain full employment
  • Might not work for payment
  • Cannot participate in any internship training program with any US employer
  • Cannot participate in the events as a entertainer
Eligibility criteria for getting the B-1 visa
  • The individual who seek to apply for this US b1 visa, should demonstrate the following terms
  • The intention of their trip to visit the US for business of a legal nature
  • They had plan to stay for a precise limited period of time
  • They got the residence outside the US
  • They possess sufficient funds for covering their expenses and stay in the US

Documents Checklist:

  • A passport valid for minimum period of six months further than your stay in the US
  • Application for the visa, form DS-160
  • Photograph
  • Payment receipt of the application fees
This US b1 visa can be used for doing business activities like meeting with the associates, taking orders, attending the conferences and exploring the opportunities to start a latest business in the US. To obtain this visa the applicant should completely fill the DS form, pay the visa fees and then schedule the interview, take an appointment for this visa and then attending the interview. This US b1 visa is for those entrepreneurs who seek to reside and invest in the economy of the US. If you want to apply, please fill out our Enquiry Form, so that one of our visa expert will get back to you.

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