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Common Arguments Against Immigrants - America
Posted on: 10 Aug 2016  |   Tags: Live in USA , Migrate to USA ,

Common Arguments against immigrants - AmericaThe term ‘Immigration’ has been largely used in the presidential campaign of the United States. The comments on immigrants have been strong and sometimes offensive. Those who do not know the fundamentals of US immigration generally talk about it but yet, do not comprehend how much this land of immigrants has benefited from immigration.

Here are some quick responses to the popular remarks on immigrants.

1. “Immigrants will take our jobs and lower our wages, especially hurting the poor.”

Immigrants have always been attracted to the growing regions of the United States. They impact the supply and demand of the economy positively, wherever they live. Immigrants might compete with other immigrants; and this hardly interferes with unemployment and wage rate of Native Americans.

2. “Immigrants abuse the welfare state.”

Despite making a valuable contribution to the economy, immigrants cannot avail medical and other benefits up to five years. So there’s no point in blaming them despite the fact that they pay taxes for five years, without using the facilities sponsored by the US Federal government.

3. “Immigrants are a net fiscal cost.”

The argument is that Immigrants consume more benefits from welfare programs, rather than paying taxes. The right assertion is that immigrant fertility is increasing the migrant population, and their contribution to economy is paramount.

4. “Immigrants increase economic inequality.”

If the growth is rapid, then immigrant influx is higher and that has nothing to do with income inequality or economic inequality. Findings from research reveal that immigration has a negligible impact on overall economic status.

5. “Today’s immigrants don’t assimilate like previous immigrant groups did.”

According to the book titled ‘Indicators of Immigrant Integration’ 2015, the immigration assimilation is more problematic in the European countries, whereas it is quite positive in the United States.

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