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america-immigration United States of America commonly known as the US is one of the most admired destinations for people who wish to immigrate. The US is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and one federal district. Most aspirants prefer US to immigrate to turn their dreams into reality and since many years the country is warmly welcoming thousands of immigrants.

Besides this, the country offers tangible benefits to people who wish to immigrate to the US. A few of them are stable economy, equality, excellent study & employment opportunities, good lifestyle options and exposure to multi cultures etc. The US is a diverse and multi-cultural country where majority of people speak English. 

US immigration Visa types

Immigration to US is a complicated procedure and one needs to obtain a visa to immigrate to US. The US immigration process is governed by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). However, the country offers multiple channels for individuals who wish to immigrate to US. Some of them are Green Card, B1 visa, H1B visa, L1A visa, L1B visa, E1 visa, E2 visa, Permanent residences etc. Among all the US immigration routes, Green Card is mostly desired by each and every immigrant. Each visa has its own specific criterion which has to be met by the applicants who wish to apply for that respective visa.

US immigration requirements

Generally, an individual who wish to immigrate to US must hold a petition approved by USCIS before filing an application for US Immigrant Visa. Either a relative or a sponsored employer can file a petition at USCIS office in the US. An aspirant whose petition is approved and given a priority date for processing is qualified to file an application for either an immigrant visa or nonimmigrant visa. The applicants must undertake a medical exam conducted by an Embassy-approved Panel Physician.

US immigration Process

The applicants must fill all required forms, submit all relevant documents, pay immigrant visa fees and must attend the interview in order to process an US immigration visa. 

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