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The Obama administration is making it easier for entrepreneurs worldwide to launch start ups in the U.S.
Posted on: 30 Sep 2016  |   Tags: B1 Business visa , Immigration , Startup Visa , visas , work visa ,

The Obama administration  to launch start ups in the U.S.

This program grants temporary visas to startup founders from other countries if their companies meet certain requirements, like financing from U.S. investors. Initial investment to be from 250,000 to 345,000 million and they have to earn between 200 to 400 times above the poverty line.

To be eligible for “Start up visas,” the entrepreneurs must have 15 percent ownership of a U.S based startup and show the company’s growth potential, it should be approved by qualified American investors towards the advantage and public benefit of United States.

Entrepreneurs can stay up to 2 years, if he fits the rules they could then apply for an additional three years if the company progress is shown towards the benefit of American Public. This can be as investments, revenue, and job creation. Visa holders in US can use this opportunities and gain Startup parole with extension of visa. There is no specific category for this visa.  Student in their OPT parole can actually try to extend their visa by proposing a new business plan and possible revenue and jobs created out of it. As in rule own 15% of the investment .Government is working on this to encourage entrepreneurs into the USA.

There many flaws to this Visa which the US Government is trying to rectify

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