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Different types of USA Work Visa


USA Work Visa

Every year, the United States welcomes incredible number of overseas individuals to work in multiple occupations or employment categories. Some of these categories include researchers, IT professionals, investors, athletes, artists, scientists, agricultural workers, cultural exchange participants, religious workers and nurses, etc. If you would like to USA Work Visa on a temporary basis, you need to obtain a specific visa depending on the type of your occupation. Majority of the temporary worker categories require an application to be filed by the employer and that must be accepted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the US prior to applying for the USA Work Visa.     

USA Work Visa types

The US has designed various types of visas to facilitate foreign nationals to work in America. However, the applicant must apply for the USA Work Visa based on the type of work and occupation.  Each USA Work Visa has its own requirements, conditions and approved periods of stay. The USA Work Visa applicants must abide by the rules and regulations of the visa you wish to apply for.

Requirements for various types of USA Work Visa

H-1B (specialty occupation)

If the applicants hold pre-arranged job offer to work in the US, they can apply for H-1B visa. To be eligible for USA H-1B Work Visa, the applicants must hold a bachelor's or higher degree that must be relevant to your profession. However, the applicants must also meet other requirements that must be met by the applicants. 

H-3 (trainee)

The aspirants who would like to receive a two-year period training from an employer in any stream except for graduate education can apply for H-3 visa.

L-1 (intra-company transferees)

If you are an employee of an international company which is transferring you on a temporary basis to a parent or affiliate or subsidiary branch of the same company in the US, you can apply for the L-1 Visa. In order to be eligible for L-1 Visa, the applicants must be either in a managerial position or have specialized knowledge. There are also other requirements that must be met by the applicants. 

O visa

The candidates who own extraordinary skills in the arts, athletics, sciences, business, education or have gained achievement in television production or motion picture can apply for this visa.

P visa (artists, entertainers)

The entertainers, artists, athletes and essential support personnel who are performing in the US can apply for P visa. Q visa The candidates who participate in an international cultural program such as offering employment or practical training and sharing culture, history and traditions can apply for Q visa.     To know more please fill up Our Enquiry from, also follow us @ MoreVisas FacebookTwitterGoogle+.

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