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US Immigration Describes the Process of Immigrant Visa

US immigrationOverseas citizens who seek to reside permanently in the US should first get an immigrant visa. This is the initial step for becoming a legal permanent resident.

Migrating to the US is a key and difficult decision. There are many types of immigration visas that are made available by US immigration department, forms are required and many steps are there in the process of immigrant visa.

As many immigrants get their visas in job or family based categories of visa, they are a majorly focused. To get entitled to apply for immigrant visa of the US, an overseas citizen should be sponsored by a relative who is a citizen of the US, legal resident, or by a potential employer with some exceptions.

The sponsor starts the process of immigration by filing a petition on the behalf of overseas citizen with the US immigration Department.

Immigration based on family members

A citizen of the US could file a petition for immigrant visa for spouse, parent, children, brother or sister. A US legal permanent resident could file a petition for immigrant visa for spouse and unmarried children.

To start the process of immigration, your family member who is sponsoring should file a petition called I-130 for foreign relative with the immigration department of the US.

Job based immigration:

An employer in the US could sponsor skilled employees who would be recruited in permanent jobs. In few specialized jobs, law of US let potential immigrants to sponsor themselves. Moreover, US law offers many immigrant categories along with a program for immigrant investor.

To start the process of immigration, your sponsoring employer should file a petition called I-140 for foreign employees with the USCIS.

Number of visa every year is limited in few categories:

Regarding few categories of immigrant visas, US law restricts the number of visas available every year, with restrictions by nation. In these restricted categories, whenever the qualified applicant number exceeds the available number of visas, there would be list of waiting. In this circumstances, the visas would be granted in chronological order in way petitions were filed. On the date, when your petition was filed is known as priority date.

Other categories of immigrant visas

Many immigrants get visas in family or job based categories of visas, however there are other categories of immigrant visas. A citizen of the US could also petition for immigration for overseas fiancé be get married in the US. Many categories of immigrant visas that cover special kinds of employees or special conditions are set up by the US laws.

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